Generic Manual Tabletop Meat Mincer Grinder Maker Machine

-Brand new and high quality
-Clamp on style easily attaches to any counter top
-Ergonomically designed crank handle turns effortlessly
-Disassembles for quick & easy clean-up
-Suitable for irrigating sausage, making noodles, milling powder, twisting chilli sauce etc.
-Material: Stainless Steel.
-Main body: Aluminum alloy (the outer layer of galvanized)
-Available Sizes: Size 5, 8, 10, 12, 32, 32

Sh 3,850


A meat grinder has been an effective tool since its inception in the restaurant business and at home providing a quick and efficient way to process meat that cannot be matched using conventional tools available to the butcher or home maker. Whether preparing hamburger patties or pork sausage, grinding the meat to a more malleable consistency is imperative. In order to process your meat in-house, recommends using this cast iron meat mincer. This heavy-duty meat grinder comes ready to mince your meat. This is a model that connects to your table easily.

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