lg 43 inch 43lk510v digital full hd television

Full HD Resolution
Dynamic Colour
Resolution Upscaler
Virtual Surround
2 Pole Stand

Sh 38,500


The LG 43LJ510V Edge-lit LED TV has a sleek and slim profile with the benefit of bright and clear colour detail and energy efficiency. This Full HD 1080p TV is almost 2 times the resolution of standard HD for more detailed and life-like images. With the 10W/2 speakers built-in and virtual surround sound, your TV audio gets a boost, so your movies, sports and games will better come to life. Enjoy all your favorite sports and movies with the new LG 43‎”‎ LED TV equipped with new features guaranteed to bring you the most entertainment while making your house more lively too‎.‎ Order for the LG 43″ 43LJ510V

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