LG 49 inch 49LK510V Digital Full HD Television

-Enriches all colors to previously unseen vibrancy
-Improve any image with Resolution Upscaler
-Virtual Surround sound spreads out the space
-Plug in a USB drive for content
-Built-in Games make anytime more entertainment2

Sh 46,500


Are you looking for the perfect TV to bring into your home? Well, the LG 49-inch LED TV Full HD could very much be the one for you! Whether you are looking for the best quality, precise performance, or vividness, this Full HD TV is bound to satisfy you at every turn. Watch your favorite movie and shows, follows the news, or play games while enjoying an unmatched viewing experience. The LED Full HD TV delivers a clear 1080×1920 resolution, which ensures you get the best visuals you can get. Completed with a built-in HD receiver, 60Hz refresh rate, and 4 HDMI ports, your viewing experience will get a beautiful upgrade every time you power your TV on. With beautiful exterior finishes and a sleek design, this TV will effortlessly complement your home’s décor

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