Sony SR-370 Blu-ray Disc and DVD Player

Super dustproof
High picture quality with Xvid Home
Wide playability
USB Play

Sh 6,800


Sony SR-370 Blu-ray Disc and DVD Player
The DVP-SR370 DVD Player by Sony sports versatility and functionality. It is compatible with both PAL and NTSC formats. The DVD player comes with specifications in cohesion with the standards of professional audio quality. This includes a high quality 12-bit/108 MHz video processing alongside a component video output. The device has been manufactured attuned with the popular video and audio formats like DVD Video, DVD-R DL, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, VCD, DVD-Audio, SVCD, and WMV formats. There is a USB slot in the device for those who love to carry their favourite video and audio files in their pen drive. DVP-SR370 DVD Player conveniently plays music or videos stored in the drive once it is inserted into the USB slots.
The Sony DVP-SR370 can be easily called a multisystem DVD player that plays multiple roles including JPEG photo viewer, CD, WMA or MP3 player. Apart from playing HD videos, the electronic device plays its role as a best-in-class MP3 player as well, that produces high quality audio effects. The DVD player comes with a dust-proof body so that it may ensure high durability.

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