Techcom SSD-600 USB Speakers QUALITY REFURB

-2.1 Powerful Bass Speakers
-Remote Control
-FM Radio
-Play Music From SD, Pen Drives, Supports MP3 Format
-Apply To PC, Moble Phones, MP3, MP3 & Other Audio Sources
-Output Power 3W+3W (RMS)

Sh 2,200 Sh 2,500



play your favourite music from mobile/laptop/desktop/ipod/pen drive/sd card with this powerful 2.1 bass speaker (600 watt p.m.p.o). You can also use its remote control to change your mode (usb/fm/in), volume control or to select your music track on pen drive/sdcard in mp3 format. You can recharge your speaker by using usb cable with your desktop/laptop.


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