Texas Instruments Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator QUALITY REFURB

Solves time-value-of-money calculations such as annuities, mortgages, leases, savings, and more
Performs cash-flow analysis for up to 32 uneven cash flows with up to 4-digit frequencies
Calculates various financial functions: Net Future Value Net present Value Modified Internal Rate of Return Internal Rate of Return Modified Duration Payback Discounted Payback
The Texas Instruments BAII Plus Professional features an Automatic Power Down (APD) function for extended battery life

Sh 10,500 Sh 15,000


The BA II Plus Professional calculator features all the great features of its predecessor while packing in even more time-saving functions to make short work of complex equations. It’s an ideal choice for entry level and advanced finance, accounting, economics, investment, statistics, and other business classes. It’s also a great choice to bring to the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. Along with the standard capabilities of time-value-of-money, accrued interest, amortization, cost-sell-margin, and depreciation

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