HDMI to VGA Adapters and Cables do not work
Converter supports VGA analog video + analog audio signal input; to standard HDMI digital signal output
Support VGA video input format: VGA, XGA, SVGA, SXGA, UGA
Support audio format: Analog Stereo 2.1 (FL / FR)
HDMI output format: up to support 720P / 60Hz (output and input format synchronization, frequency synchronization)
Support HDCP version 1.2
LED power indicator, work LED lights
Signal line processing chip, a certain degree of compensation for the VGA signal, times the line to HDMI
Installation is simple, no driver, plug and play
External DC5V power supply, power consumption is small
High-grade aluminum alloy shell, black appearance, simple and generous
Small size, strong mobility, easy to carry out

Sh 3,500 Sh 4,300


This high-definition video converter is the VGA analog video signal, AUDIO (L / R) stereo signal through digital processing into HDMISignal output. This greatly improves the image and sound quality effects, so that the VGA signal to 720P signal, the image is more clear and stableThe Interface function
1. 1 * VGA input ———– VGA signal input interface, split PC host, laptop VGA output terminal
Input format: 800 * 600 @ / 60Hz, 1024 * 768 / 60Hz, 1280X1024 / 60Hz,
2. 1 * Audio input ——— FL / FR audio input interface, connect PC host or laptop AUDIO terminal
Input format: Analog stereo (L / R)
3. 1 * HDMI output ———- HDMI output interface, connect the TV or monitor the HDMI interface

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