X-Men Origins Wolverine for PS3

-Cinema quality action sequences with jaw-dropping graphics and detail
-Over 100 custom moves, reflex quick-kills, and long-range lunge attacks
-Rage abilities to unlock special moves and powers
-Utilize Wolverine’s Feral Senses for tactical advantages over the enemy
-Real-time regeneration powers to mend bones and tissues for non-stop combat action

Sh 3,550


The Uncaged Edition for PlayStation 3 allows players to control the mutant who will become Wolverine from a third-person perspective as he moves through the story and interacts with other familiar characters from the series. The fighting interface is based on light, heavy, and grapple attacks, with improvised combinations and sharp finishing moves. Throughout the adventure, Wolverine encounters other characters with related origin stories, including Sabretooth, Wendigo, Blob, and Gambit, providing an immersive gaming experience for X-Men and action game fans alike.Following the story of the feature film of the same name, and including additional original scenes, the video game version of ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ is a mission-driven action-adventure with plenty of combat.

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