ZTE Faiba 4G Mifi Portable Router

-Portable. Carry your internet anywhere.
-Long up-time with rechargeable battery.
-Secure. Protects your data
-Micro-SD card support.
-Affordable 4g High Speed Internet.
-Uses faiba Simcard

Sh 5,500


ZTE Mobile WiFi Router is a high-speed packet access mobile hotspot. It is fast, reliable, and easy to operate.It provides speeds of upto 100Mbps download and upto 50Mbps upload. It can connect at least 10 devices simultaneously including smart TV.Uses faiba simcard which has 4g Network Coverage in Towns and Affordable Internet bundles such as the famous 25GB MONTHLY AT KSHS 1000. Portable and therefore can carry your internet anywhere. Protects your data from malicious hackers. High uptime with a high capacity battery that store charge for many hours
The ZTE MF927V is a light weight and compact wireless hotspot router featuring download speed of upto 150Mbps. It allows you to stay connected for up to 8 hours through its 2800mAh battery delivering upto 8 hours of connectivity while you share the connection with at least 10 devices.

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